Finland / Suomi


Welcome to HEL

Sign at the Airport

You know the city doesn’t take itself seriously when the airport welcomes visitors with that statement 😉 Helsinki (Finnish) / Helsingfors (Swedish) is a wonderfully compact city, with most of the major sights within walking distance from the city centre. The exception is the city’s biggest electronics store… which is located far away in the suburbs! I did not manage to buy a Nokia phone, something I’ve always wanted to get as a souvenir from Suomi / Finland

Most confusing thing about the country? There’s two addresses for each location – one in Finnish and one in Swedish, the two official languages of Suomi / Finland. Booking your Uber ride with one selected address could land you up in another address – but the same location…

Apparently, one must-visit is the Sea Horse Restaurant in Southern Helsinki. The food’s delicious, and the decor’s oh-so-70s (in that classic, charming way). Kapteeninkatu 11 / Kaptensgatan 11, Helsinki, 18 00140.

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