Taiwan (ROC) / 中華民國

Taipei / 臺北

We started the day at 3am on Friday, getting up and washing up before heading to the airport to catch an early morning domestic flight to Auckland, and then transfer to an international flight to Taipei. We would rather fly out of Christchurch directly if we have the option to, but unfortunately the only direct international flight out of Christchurch was Australia and Singapore, at that time.

However, we have the option to upgrade to an Air New Zealand Skycouch™ (aka Cuddle Class) seat for an extra $500. We thought we’ll give it go. The extra legroom proved to be very welcomed, even though neither of us could get any sleep. After what seemed like an eternity on the AKL-TPE flight, we touched down in Taipei. Here’s some pictures of various places in Taipei.

As usual, click on the photos for more info or description.

And as luck would have it, my laptop charger decided to malfunction. I have a niggling suspicion that it wasn’t quite working right before I left the New Zealand, and had actually brought home the spare charger that I usually have at work. Should have trusted my gut instincts!

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